"Matthew is the perfect therapist for a couple who senses there is a bond between them that could be quite wonderful-if day-to-day living with each other weren't so terrible! He has a rare gift for feeling into the true energetic connection between people and making that exquisitely foreground. A couple can have a session with him and leave feeling that all the defensiveness and reactivity they generate pales in comparison with the open-heartedness they are capable of. And because of his own open-heartedness-and clinical deftness-Matthew brings couples into their increasingly bigger vision of how a relationship could be." -Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D., author of Talk To Me Like I'm Someone You Love

"There are body workers, who retune the flesh, and there are therapists, who untangle the heart and mind. Matthew Cohen has found a uniquely powerful and gentle way to do both. In talking with him, I was able to frame my issues, see them in the new light of his steady presence, and feel differently about them. Then, as he carefully re-aligned my muscles and skeleton, those new insights, new feelings took root in my body in a way that discussion alone could not begin to approach. Why, I began to wonder, aren't more therapists practicing this way? In working through some profound and difficult core issues with him, I came to regard Matthew as something rare and precious--a masterful healer at the height of his effectiveness. If you want or need to really get well, he is one of the best partners in healing you could wish for." -Michael Reddy, Ph.D., CPC, Wellness Coaching & Family Constellations

"Matthew is a gift for those who seek physical and mental health. He is expert at asking the right questions that uncover what needs healing. He provides a roadmap for you to get to that healing place and he creates safety every step of the way. He is wise, empathetic and nurturing. He is honest and kind. There is no one I trust more than Matthew." -Executive Coach

"A miracle happened to our marriage-our family-when we found Matthew. My marriage was in crisis when we began therapy with Matthew as a couple. He created a miracle which I could not have wished for, or even imagined. I did not think our marriage could survive the disaster that we had created. With Matthew's guidance we were not only able to talk about the pain and discomfort between us, and remain a couple, but he also made it possible to for us to explore, reclaim and renew the bond that had brought us together originally. I pray that other couples who have abandoned the desire to rediscover their bond will not give up, not before meeting Matthew." -Homemaker

"Working with Matthew has become a safe place for me as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and that's not a casual term. To have profound work done on my musculature, a part of me that was so devastatingly subjected to mistreatment, is amazing, and after each session, I can feel the difference in the way I walk, and the way I am in my body. A safe place is a powerful description for me that means I can trust Matthew to work with me in a way that allows me to reclaim my body. It's an amazing process!" -Architect

"Working with Matthew is a genuine experience for the soul. I have come to learn many things through my interactions with him but among the most important of these is how generations of family legacy, good and bad, impact how we experience everyday life, behave in relationships, raise our children and interact with co-workers. With this powerful awareness the opportunity for personal growth, by which I mean moving away from self-defeating behavior and nurturing the best from within, is immense. Matthew pulls from you an organic consciousness that will calm you, help you find a balance between work and family and return intimacy to your relationships." -Investment Company Chief Operating and Financial Officer

"My work with Matthew has helped me to integrate mind, body, and spirit for the first time in my life. Every day I use the knowledge and practices I've gained during my work with Matthew both in my personal and in my professional life. Matthew provides a supportive and safe environment for exploring past hurts and present difficulties and for forging a new way of living in the world and with other people." -Physician

"Having our unconscious material become conscious is the essence of therapy. To have therapeutic material come alive in a holistic and powerful manner, not just as an interesting and intellectual idea, is at the heart of Matthew's approach." -Professor of Family Therapy

"Matthew's meant the world to me. I hit rock bottom physically after working 24x7 on a major acquisition for several weeks. Specifically, my back began to spasm on nearly a continuous basis. While I was taking more and more muscle relaxants and Advil, I was finding it more and more difficult to manage through the pain. Matthew's help was invaluable in many ways. First, he helped me through the most acute pain with hands-on body therapy. Second, he helped me see the true linkage between my emotional and physical health as well as the criticality of focusing on the healing of both at the same time. Finally, he helped me see the need to embrace my body as a critical element of my own self rather than as something separate and distinct from my mind and my thoughts. This insight was invaluable towards helping me deal with the stress of my job and ultimately to develop the ability to self-heal by embracing my true self. Matthew's insights are truly groundbreaking and his application of these insights can help any human being." -CFO Fortune 100 Company