When Words Aren't Enough

The New Book By Matthew Cohen

When Words Aren't Enough is written by a seasoned therapist with the courage to follow his own unique vision of combining psychotherapy and somatic psychology. The book focuses on Jeff and Emily, a couple in their late 50's, who find a loving relationship in the aftermath of their 30-year first marriages. They are determined to learn from their painful past. Through their courage and honesty, this nurturing relationship blossoms. Randall, after years of psychotherapy in relation to his surviving severe family incest, knows he needs to be more connected to his body, and not just to his emotions or intellect. Gordon comes to therapy for relief from physical pain. He gets so much more. They all will touch your heart with their courage to change.

"Matthew Cohen has written a wise, personal and illuminating book-I'd say a remarkable book-that skillfully addresses the use of conscious touch in a meaningful psychotherapeutic process." -Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D. author of Talk To Me Like I'm Someone You Love

"The use of case studies with the author's direct interaction with clients and commentary demonstrates how this therapy is able to explore the mind-body connection and enables clients to heal and transform their lives on many levels. This book offers value to clinicians interested in psychosomatic therapy and for the rest of us who are exploring healing and change in our own lives." -Mark Pugsley, Ph.D. Psychology

"As you might imagine the subject of a book titled, "When Words Are Not Enough" deals with phenomena not easily conveyed through words. Cohen's stories and session transcripts provide compelling reading and introduce the reader to the intersection of body, mind and spirit." -Bob Chapra, Master Feldenkrais Practitioner